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Our Partners

  • Fuji System Corporation

    Our Partnership with Fuji System nurtured for over a decade and steadfastly growing ever since. Fuji System Corporation, was the world’s first company to commence research, development and production of medical devices made from silicone.

  • Ci-Medical

    Ci-Medical product are awarded by "Good Design", which only goes to the products with gull of feature and artistic. Ci got this award almost every year. With this strong feature, Ci is No. 1 toothbrush seller in Japan

  • Jeil Medical

    Jeil Medical Co. does its best to make the enterprise offering safe medical products and convenient service to customer. We will reform as the enterprise leading the market of global medical device.

  • Galenium Pharmasia

    Nitra is part the oldest and most trusted Galenium distributor for decades. The relationship are fostered within the trust and cooperation to doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, institutions, consumers, drug stores and supermarkets throughout Indonesia .


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